The Original Angled Stirrup Pad
The key is the angled surface which keeps the rider's foot inclined at the proper angle.

> Keeps Heels Down
> Improves Balance
> Better Performance
> Provide Comfort
> Safer Mount
> For Riders at All Levels

What the experts say about D'angles:

John Lyons Perfect Horse:  "The heels-down design of the D'angles stirrup pads are comfortable, and the wide footbed gives secure footing in your stirrup...The simple design not only helps you keep your heels down, but gives a steadier and probably safer ride...  The slanted footbed could also help the foot slide out easier in the event of a fall."

Equestrian Retailer:  "It took a visionary to come up with D'angles...Everybody loves these pads.  It doesn't matter what kind of riding they do, just as long as it's English--jumpers, dressage, you name it...It's an all-American invention, but American riders won't hold on to their advantage for long.  D'angles pads are international now, and foreign sales are growing."

Practical Horseman:  "Our tester, an amateur dressage rider working with a professional trainer, loved D'angles.  She found that the pads made putting her heel and her leg into proper contact with the horse's side much easier.  Her trainer, who expected the pads to be a "gimmick" or a "crutch," quickly changed her opinion after observing the test ride, pronouncing them "great" and noting that the tester's leg position improved immediately, without shortening the stirrup leathers or making any other adjustments."  

the correct position
Exhibiting at Spruce Meadows Calgary, Canada


Sierra Moritz:  "I'm captain of the Arabian Team at Spruce Meadows.  I purchased D'angles here at Spruce.  I would never change back to flat rubber.  Try them, you'll love them.  Great idea!  Finally!" 

Sonja Bratland-Lorenson, Canadian Natioal High Point Saddle Seat Equitation:  "They work!"

Todd Janzen, Turnout Stables:  "They're great!"

Melissa Skoff, Los Angeles:  D'angles are so great!  My knees don't ache any more from jamming my heels down in regular pads.  Thank you.

Jeanne Glass, Mom:  These are great stirrups.  Have really helped my 8 year old daughter..Heels are down.


100% Return Guarantee!
If you are not completely satisfied with D'angles, please return your purchase for a full refund - no questions asked.
We stand behind our product.

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Available in two sizes:

SMALL -  fits 4 1/4" to 4 1/2" stirrups

LARGE - fits 4 3/4" to 5" stirrup

(measure inside the bars)