Training for the Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

(Text by Jeni Borin)
With all the conflicting ideas around about training, it is easy to become confused about what is best for you. But Linda's training comes with a guarantee: If, after your first lesson, you don't come away with a clearer
understanding of the dynamics of equine communication and how it applies to you and your horse, your lesson is free.

Linda's career in training began 25 years ago when she moved to California. Since then she has made forays into many different disciplines including hunters, jumpers, dressage, western, eventing, and more recently, vaulting. These widely varied experiences have helped Linda developed a keen understanding of a horse's learning process in many situations. This understanding, along with an uncanny ability to pinpoint the source of a horse or rider's difficulties, has led to the many successes that Linda has had over the years.

In addition, Linda is the inventor of D'angles, an angled English stirrup pad which helps to keep a rider's heels down, therefore making their position more secure. This product has been sold all over the world and has received high acclaim from many national magazines.

Linda currently specializes in hunters, jumpers, and dressage, in all breeds, with riders of all ages and experience levels.

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